Id Bild Släpspänne Namn Land Information År Vapenslag  
16 Victoria Cross U.K Victoria Cross. Maybe the most renowed of any decoration in the world. The medal was introduced by Queen victoria 29 january 1856 as reward for Valour. The medal is given for acts of conspicuos courage and bravery under circumstances of extreme danger. The medal is open to all ranks and is becoming increasingly diffucult to win, som much that is almost awarded posthumously. 1856  
14 Distinguished Flying Cross Distinguished Flying Cross, introduced 1918 and originally awarded to Royal Air Force officers and warrant offiucers, and subsequently to Fleet Air Arm and Armt air-crew members, for an act or acts of valour, courage or devotion do duty performed whilst flying on active operation against the enemy 1918 Royal Air Force  
15 he medal was introduced on 25 March 1916 and as a reward for N.C.Os and below for individual or associated acts of bravery on de recommendation av a Commander-in-chief in the Field. The medal could also be awarded to members of Royal Nave and RAF of equivalent rank for ground actions. During WWII 15 225 Medals, 164 first Bars and two second Bars were awarded. 1916 Army, Royal Navy and RAF  
13 Military Cross U.K Military Cross. Etablished on 28 December 1914 to award officers up to the rank of substantive major and warrant officers for gallant and distinguished service in action. It was later extended to Royal Navy and Royla Air Force officers and warrant officers engaged in ground duties, and to Allies of similar status fighting with the British. During WWII 10 286 Crosses, 482 first Bars and 24 second Bars were awarded 1914  
9 Blue Max Germany Pour le Mérite a distinguished Preussian order etablished in 1740 by Fredric the Great. During the WWI the military division was the highest individual reward for gallantry in action. The order is curently awarded for outstanding achivements in eighter the arts or sience 1740  
10 Iron Cross Germany Reintroduced 1939 as an award for Germans and citizens and her allies displaying exceptional bravery or leadership in face of the enemy. During WWII aproximately 7 300 were bestowed a total of eight with oak leaves and diamonds, and 27 with oak leaves and diamonds, and 27 with oak leaves swords and diamonds. 1939  
11 Purple Heart USA The first U S military decoration, instituted by George Washington in 1782 and originally awarded for bravery in action. It is currently awarded to those wounded or killed (when awarded posthumously). 1782  
17 Order of the Golden Kite. Japan Order of the Golden Kite. Etablished in 1890 as the most important gallantry decoration of Japan, it was awarded to officers of the Army, Navy, and Air Force for acts of bravery in the face of the enemy. Due to its association with agression the Order was ablished in 1947. 1890 Army, Navy, and Air Force  
18 Congress Medal USA Etablished by Congress july 1862 as the US supreme award for bravery and awarded on the behalf of the Congress to an officer or enlisted soldier who shall in action involving actual conflict with the enemy distinguish himself conspicuously by gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his live above and beyond the call of duty. Between 1904 and 1944 the medal was worn with a chest ribbon of light blue carged with 13 white stars. 1862